Do you miss or have you longed for the rush & spirit of being a part of a competitive sports team? The feel of winning? The sadness of losing? Do you want to put time and hard work into something that pays off in more than a paycheck to cover the bills or the objects that are just another part of the daily grind?

What about something that pays off in the form of camaraderie, respect through accountability, discipline, wins, weight loss, muscle gain, sweat, recognition within your community, & most of all… a passion you never knew existed, fulfilled? Do you want to be a part of something different and empowering that brings women together for common goals? Step outside of yourself, or who you thought you were, and get inside of who you could be… the new you. Be better, everyday, than the old you.

Join us to learn about this amazing and engrossing sport called roller derby. Join us in the journey to re-awaken your inner-athlete or to become the athlete you never knew you could be. Join us in the journey to accountability, a healthier life, and fitness. Join us and become active in the community, make a difference, become a role model to your friends, family, and co-workers. Strong. Positive. Athletic.

Dead River Derby accepts women over the age of 18. Members are required to go through a quick and painless Derby Orientation to get them acquainted with our league structure and to assess their goals and current level of experience.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat refers to brand new skaters and the training that prepares them to pass their Minimum Skills Requirements (MSRs) tests to begin learning the full contact and technical aspects of roller derby. Don’t worry if you do not know how to skate! We are prepared to help you learn. Once a part of Fresh Meat, skaters will work at their own pace to pass their MSRs. But don’t worry; you won’t be going it alone! Trainers are available at all practices to help you master those skills! Because skaters work at their own pace, there is no attendance requirement for Fresh Meat.

Full League Members

Full league members are members that have successfully passed Fresh Meat Training and their MSR tests, (written & on-skates). There are testing options for transfer skaters. Please contact us with questions regarding this circumstance.

Contact for more info about, or to find out how you can join!