Dead River Derby NEWS! Rolling Riptide 2nd Place Division 1 State Champions!!

Dead River Derby’s Rolling Riptide traveled to Lansing the weekend of October 5, 6, 7th for the annual Mitten Kitten Michigan State Roller Derby  Tournament.  The Riptide played three bouts over the course of the weekend.  Friday afternoon, Dead River faced the Kalamazoo Killa Crew and won with a score of 215-102. Saturday night, the Riptide challenged the Traverse City Toxic Cherries and prevailed with a score of 169-149. On Sunday, the Riptide faced the toughest competition in the Division 1 Championship  against the Motor City Disassembly Line (MCDL) of Detroit. MCDL won the championship with a score of 284-105.

Dead River looks forward to hosting MCDL in the 2019 season for a rematch!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Dead River Derby league in the 2018 season!

The 2018 season was a year of immense growth for our league. We look forward to continued excellence and success in our league and within the community in 2019.

Please contact our Dead River Derby Facebook page with questions and/or comments. We are in the process of restructuring our website.