MAY 7—Keweenaw Roller Girls – WIN

DRD 219: KRG 84

New faces stepped onto the track tonight but Abra-Ca-Tabra, Delilah Diamond, and Ghost Rider didn’t look like they were new to the sport of Roller Derby. These ladies have put some serious time into learning the rules and game play. They showed off tonight by jamming and blocking with skill.

Some Derby teams cultivate a few jammers that they rely on to score all the points, however, Dead River Derby works hard to ensure each and every player can put that Star on and lap a few opposing blockers. Watching all of the new skaters jam again and again proved that DRD works hard to ensure each team member knows how to play all aspects of derby.

Referees were few in number this evening and with a full complement of seven, would have been a different game for many. Penalties can only be assessed if the Ref is able to watch the contact take place. With the fast-paced sport of Roller Derby there are multiple offensive and defensive strategies happening at once, making it difficult for Referees to have their eyes on everything. [Have some hockey skills tucked in the closet? Contact us on how you can become a Roller Derby Referee!]

Keweenaw Roller Girls played a hard game, as always, and with three new skaters as well, it shouts that Roller Derby is a full contact sport that people in the Upper Peninsula enjoy to play. KRG is known for its hospitality and derby fun; and their fans are educated and enthusiastic. The only place better than the Keweenaw to watch roller derby is in Marquette.

This was the first time Dead River Derby’s Superior Sirens home team was able to take the floor together, however with fresh new skaters like Abra-Ca-Tabra, Delilah Diamond, and Ghost Rider, this season will be full of fun-filled derby adventure.


APRIL 9 – Chippewa Valley Roller Girls – LOSS

DRD 127: CVRG 147

While Marquette’s Lakeview Arena quietly changes over from Hockey and Ice skating before the first Roller Derby Bout in May, Dead River Derby has been putting miles on their wheels in their spring travel season. However, while Dead River Derby is just getting their season started, Chippewa Valley’s All Stars are ending their 6th season tonight.

There were not enough seats for the Eau Claire fans as they came out to cheer, and many seasoned fans showed up with picnic blankets to sprawl trackside. Dead River Derby skated hard and showed off their talent, but it wasn’t enough for the Marquette team as their jammers met with serious trouble in the form of smart strategy and Chippewa Valley skill.

“There is nothing better than going up against serious competition and knowing that they are giving it their all,” panted an exhausted Captain, Glory Sparks. “Dead River Derby is trying very hard to play good, clean derby so we can meet up with amazing teams like Chippewa Valley that will take us serious enough to travel all the way to Marquette”.

Chippewa Valley was not going to let DRD win on their All Star Season Finale, and they came out after halftime with a vengeance. Dead River Derby jammers could not find a hole to sneak through as the opposing blockers shut them down again and again.

“If we don’t get lead jammer,” says veteran skater Phee Nix, “then they control the game and we don’t get the points we want, just the points we can steal.”

Dead River Derby kept fighting until the end with a smashing final jam that lasted the full two minutes and was full of spectacular hits and falls –perfect for the roller derby fans that packed the place. More often than not, DRD looks ready to skate another half as the game clock ends, but tonight they were cheerfully exhausted.

Marquette fans that missed this bout will be pleased to find Chippewa Valley Roller Girls trekking to Lakeview Arena on May 21st for the Dead River Derby Season Home Opener.

NEXT BOUT: May 7th Keweenaw, Michigan

MARCH 19 – Lansing Derby Vixens’ Capital Corruption -WIN

DRD 174: LDVCC 154

Michigan has an abundance of strong Derby teams and the Lansing Derby Vixens are no exception. A full bench of 14 players gave the Capital Corruption a false sense of security as Dead River Derby sent their nine best skaters to fight for their victory.

And what a fight it was!

The jammers from both teams had to dig and bump their way through solid walls with sheer determination. After a disappointing loss earlier this month, Dead River Derby stepped out onto the flat track with something to prove. It was obvious that this team can learn from their mistakes and tonight was a nail-biting, crowd pleasing event.

“Their Captain told me afterwards that they were confident they would wear us down because we only have nine skaters,” chirped a gleeful Captain, Glory Sparks, “but DRD prides itself on our endurance and our jammers can skate hard until the last jam.”

The point spread was narrow and multiple times through the evening there was a lead change. The crowd was deafening for the last five minutes when it could have been anybody’s game. A fan sporting a DRD tee shirt reported, “I feel like I skated that bout because we were up out of our seats every few laps. My legs are sore and I am hoarse. THAT was a great game.”

NEXT BOUT: April 9th Eau Claire, Wisconsin

MARCH 5 – Canada’s Border City Brawlers – LOSS

Marquette’s Dead River Derby traveled down to Mackinaw City this weekend to take on the hard-hitting Canadians from the Windsor, Ontario area.

It was a tough game as DRD dusted the rust off their skates for the first bout of the season and met up with some slippery track conditions that foiled their fleet of fast-footed jammers. Winning or losing, Marquette’s skaters are known for enjoying a good bout and they took the loss in stride.

“They were a better team on the track today,” reports Captain Glory Sparks, “but there is nothing better than facing off with an amazing team early in the season. That gives us a chance to evaluate our skills and really make improvements in our game play.”

The glow of victory Dead River Derby enjoyed from the outstanding triumph of Michigan’s Division II Mitten Kitten Mash-Up High Five Tournament in October of 2015 dimmed a bit as the Border City Brawlers showed them the caliber of skilled teams they will now face in the upcoming season.

If we can trust our Captain, Glory Sparks, (and we generally do) this year will be another great season for fans of Dead River Derby.

NEXT BOUT: March 19, Lansing, Michigan